We have an internal IT team; Do we need your services?

Most likely.  We do everything from user support to annual budget planning.  From design to implementation and support, we bring experience and tools to the table your internal IT needs. 

Do you provide user support?

We provided email support under our service level agreement for every aspect of your technology needs. Business hours phone support is limited to situations where you are reporting email down.  Emergency after-hours support is by phone call only.  Leave us a message and we'll get back to you within an hour if it is urgent, within 2 iDirect user support is provided hourly based on contracted rate per customer.  Service delivery obligations are noted in your support agreement

My computer doesn't work, can you fix it right now?

For contracted customers the answer is yes,  Anytime, anywhere.  If you have an internet connection we can help.  If not we can walk you blind through the steps to know what needs to be done to get you working in most cases.

We don't typically take walk-in requests, but exceptions exist based on your stated need.  Feel free to ask.

What Secure Vizion monitor?

Any of the following:

  • Event Logs
  • Performance Counters
  • Text log files
  • File Systems
  • Firewalls
  • Network Switches
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Routers
  • VPN Connections
  • Web Traffic
  • Cloud Services

Assuming we want full management services, what is involved in setup?

Depends on the service but in general:

  1. We schedule a phone call to validate your needs and answer any questions about our services or business history.  References available on request
  2. Contracts are signed once you realize how awesome we are.
  3. Next comes the installation.  We can either come onsite and install or we deliver the installation materials to you with instructions to setup. Along with this are materials to provide your user base so they know how to get help when they need it.  Our service agreement is clearly stated in these materials so users know what to expect.
  4. We are ready to assist. Once the initial install is complete we have the ability to remote control to assist as necessary and begin our internal setup processing.
  5. We begin our audit of your system.  From this comes our recommendations for improvement
  6. Implement best practice. If we find obvious mistakes we can correct without a project or user interruption we will handle those no charge during setup.  If there is any issue you may be requested to perform additional steps.
  7. We provide improvement recommendations in our support portal.  You decide what you want to approach first and simply approve from there to get started.  If you would like a meeting to discuss the proposed project in more detail use our ticket portal to request a meeting.
  8. We begin maintaining your system.  We will request a meeting with you every month over the phone to review your reports and answer any questions.  We'll invoice at the end of every month.

Can I by home services a la cart by purchasing the software and managing myself?

Of course you can buy and manage your own software.  I suggest amazon.com for the best pricing.  Selling product is not our business.  Secure Vizion provides skilled IT services designed and backed by decades of experience.

Is your after hours support automated, or monitored by a NOC?

We use automation to report the issues based on assigned monitoring.  This alerting is received by a fully staffed 24/7/365 NOC.  The NOC validates the alert is critical then begins calling a list of escalation numbers within Secure Vizion.  If Secure Vizion cannot be reached, the NOC then calls you.  Once our local team has the issue we notify you of the problem, then begin working the issue immediately any time, day or night

Does Secure Vizion handle phone systems?

We have the capability to manage phone systems, but for design and implementation we rely on experienced partners.

Why is my bill so thick?

For every customer we provide a full report of all hours logged working on the effort required at their site.  This report shows which time entries are billable or not.  We at Secure Vizion put in a lot of effort to keep you safe.  All those notes add up and every one accompanies each month's bill unless we are specifically requested to exclude them.

Will you help me build a website?

Nope.  We can help you with the infrastructure required whether in house or in the cloud, from firewall rules through server setup and public DNS records.  We do not design and build websites.

Can we arrange a service where we just call in for support and be billed hourly?

Absolutely.  You tell us how many hours you need in the month, we'll send you an invoice for a block of time to use within that month.  Prepayment is required for such services and normal support request processes must be followed.

How can I use you guys to order equipment?

Become a recurring monthly customer.