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Lock Your World


Recent changes in target selection and methods of attack have drastically changed the threat landscape.  People are getting hacked every few seconds,  If we want a different outcome with security, a new input is necessary. 

Secure Vizion has the processes, tools and experience to protect you in today's complex computing world.

As of January 1, 2016; Of all malware ever created since the inception of computing; 27% had been created in the previous 365 days.
— Panda Labs

Know Your World

Secure Vizion monitors your server operations 24/7/365 for abnormal behavior and failure.  We utilize a library of monitoring knowledge built over our decades of experience.  We already monitor for the most common issues, but we can customize and monitor just about anything.  Wanna keep an eye on something and get a phone call 24/7 if a specific condition is met?

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Maintain Your World

Securing your assets is not possible without proven, repeatable maintenance processes


Find out how...

As with the transportation you use every day and your home;  Your IT assets need regular maintenance to get the most life from your investment.  Not only the operating system, but every application and all network devices must be regularly updated to keep your threat window as small as possible


Unlike your vehicle or home, lack of maintenance of your IT assets is the equivalent of placing a ‘Please Hack Me’ sign on your front door and advertising to thieves the pickings are easy.
— Ray Wilkerson

It's Your World

ManageIT.  Don't let IT manage you.

Secure Vizion can control your IT costs. We can stop all current malware and unauthorized software infestations.


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