Why are so many things getting through our (anti-virus/spam filter/web filter/IT provider)?!?!?!?

In the last decade we've witnessed a massive change in the way we interact with technology. We aren't getting better at interacting with technology, technology is getting better at interacting with us.

I know, next I'll be telling you water is wet.  IT changes constantly and dramatically, everyone knows this truism. All of us use technology today on a daily basis that did not even exist 10 years ago.  Most folks my age can already enjoy the glee of telling a wide-eyed kid they are older than the internet itself.  We do live in wondrous times, dangerous though they may be. 

The video below was recorded during a webinar hosted by Secure Vizion to it's competitors in effort to implore them to adopt application trust listing as a standard practice. In this video we try to explain why the digital threat is different now than we've seen in the past. 

Please share if you found this video helpful and be sure to watch "Ending the Threat" once you finish.  It contains some guidance all should be following, so be sure to share with your IT critters.

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